Tuesday, June 1, 2010

SPH fun with the neighbor boy.

So, R. called me today, a younger guy, about the age of my sexy neighbor down the street. Poor kid, his penis was only about 4 inches long! Bless his heart, that's not even enough to jack off with, is it? I can not imagine thinking I was going to have some good hot sex, unzipping a guy, and finding a pathetic excuse for a penis tucked away. Stuff like that aggravates me, and boy oh boy, I bet I would make him pay! That is exactly what a good hard strap-on is for- to make a puny peckered little boy learn what a real cock is like, and what it feels like when you get taken by a real man. Sadly, though, the kid also suffered from premature ejaculation, so I figure he would have done the same if I would have taken him with a toy.
Do you have a teeny weeny? A puny pecker? Do the girls giggle when they see you? DO you at least get a hand job once in a while, from a good hearted gal? Sure hope so! Otherwise, you may as well just tuck that thing away in a pair of panties, and give up any hope of being a real man!
Is this a problem you can relate to? Give me a call at 1-800-TO-FLIRT ext. 0237-7578, and tell me all about your small penis. I love a good laugh!

Monday, May 31, 2010


So, I thought I'd start a blog here. I'm part exhibitionist, part voyeur, and totally greedy. I LOVE listening to you when you moan, and groan, and touch yourself. I love knowing you want me- and probably can never have me. My husband? Technically, he would be considered a "good man"...but only because he provides well for the family. He has given me a wonderful lifestyle, adored me, pampered me....but sadly, the poor little man can't satisfy me.
So, he has become accustomed to me having lovers...
What about you? Lover, or loser?
I look forward to finding out....